First Look? What’s a first look? 

A newer trend that has been around awhile is doing a first look.  There are some advantages to doing a first look but some disadvantages too.  A first look is a chance for the bride and groom to see each other privately for the first time with dress and hair and suit and tie. Usually its in a secluded private location where the bride and groom can have a special moment together.  It gives the surprise of seeing each other dressed up for the first time but still a chance to have a private moment to take it all in, tell each other how amazing they look. It is a great moment for the photographer to capture genuine, priceless expressions at the moment of surprise

You can also do a bunch of couple portraits and wedding party portraits now to get them done and out of the way.  That way after the ceremony you are able to join all of your guests at cocktail hour and chat instead of staying busy with pictures.

The downside is your all dressed up longer.. is your dress that comfortable?  How about your shoes? Your whole day is extended but it is also less rushed. Its non traditional so it maybe a no no because of that.